Youth Sponsorship

To sponsor a student in High School, the cost of one full year is $480 (this includes school fees, uniform, educational supplies and basic medical care). You may choose to pay this on a monthly basis at $40/month or annually ($480).

To sponsor a University student, the cost of one academic year (2 semesters) is CAD$2,700 or US$2,000. You may choose to pay this on a monthly basis for CAD$225/month or US $166/month (this includes school fees, educational supplies, food and accommodation). You also have the option to cosponsor a university student for $1,350/year or $113/month.

To sponsor a youth for an Apprenticeship program (6 to 12 months), please contact us as the cost differs between programs.  Apprenticeship programs generally cost less than one year of university.
Donate now

When you sign up to become a sponsor with us, your support will go straight to a child that has been identified as not having access to education, and give them the amazing privilege and opportunity to have a more secure and healthy future. We can all agree that education is critical to children and families and an important tool that provides the necessary keys for more thoughtful, forward-thinking decisions. Several studies have concluded that children who complete primary education are more likely to end the cycle of poverty in their generation. Education increases confidence and sufficiency.

We encourage engagement between students and sponsors

One of the most rewarding aspects of sponsoring a student with us is getting to know your sponsored youth personally, and see firsthand how your generosity can positively affect the students and their family’s lives. We will:

  • Send you regular updates on students’ school progress
  • Give the students the option to write letters directly to you
  • Let you know about students’ current family living situation on a regular basis
  • Invite you to travel to DR Congo meet your student and their family one-on-one.