Women Empowerment

Sewing for Life is holistic project to empower the most vulnerable women in eastern DR Congo by establishing a training centre and equipping them with sewing machine and entrepreneurial skills. Having met countless widows in DR Congo and in Nyarugusu refugee camp (Tanzania) who have experienced unbearable atrocities and social exclusion, I know that a simple gesture of love can have a lasting impact on a widow’s life. Several NGOs in Congo have stated that in eastern Congo, 60% of children and 70% of the elderly depend on widows for their survival, for care, shelter and food. More than eight million Congolese have died in DR Congo since the war broke out in 1996. Women and children are systematically targeted and used as instruments of war.  DR Congo is known as the “rape capital of the world”.

We have listened to widows and other vulnerable women who have emphasized the importance of sewing machine training for sustainable income. The Msenwa Foundation is currently raising funds to establish a training centre to empower widows and other vulnerable women with life and entrepreneurial skills. Women will be trained to use sewing machines and will learn to manage a business. The women will sew school uniforms and African clothing for the sponsored children and other children or women in need. The project will purchase at least 50 sewing machines and necessary sewing materials for the initial stage. Empower vulnerable women for life with a sewing machine!

  • Empower a widow through entrepreneurship training ($1000). This will cover training materials, enrollment fee and start up funding.
  • Provide urgent medical and emotional care for a widow ($100-500, or more as needed).
  • Hold a fund raising craft fair, walk, run or host Oliver’s documentary “When Destiny Calls”
  • Invite Oliver Mweneake for a speaking engagement at your church, school, organization or family get together
  • Volunteer with us or travel to the Congo to see our work
  • Ask a foundation, a church or an organization for a matching grant
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