Core Values


MF is founded upon respect for the people and rich cultures of the African continent. We are committed to ensuring that our programs directly reflect the priorities and needs that local children, youth and vulnerable women's voices. MF recognizes that their members may have diverse talents, voices, resources and needs. Decisions undertaken on behalf of the organization are made with the greatest respect and support of these differences.

Integrity and Accountability

The MF has the highest level of integrity in its administrative, service, and outreach activities; we tie these activities directly to our mission, and we maintain and report our records accurately.

Individualized Support 

The MF knows that people’s needs vary significantly and can change over time; we seek to understand the individual beneficiary and co-create the right supports for each person’s development.

Caring Attitude

The MF demonstrates compassionate support and concern for people in need and their families. As part of this caring attitude, we see education as a two-way street: we educate and inform beneficiaries and their communities through formal and informal educational opportunities and we also educate ourselves on the strengths, skills and needs of beneficiaries.

Cooperation & Collaboration

MF recognizes the benefits that accrue to the people we serve, staff and stakeholders when we share our resources, expertise, time and energy.


MF intends to be a nimble, flexible and dynamic organization, able and willing to adapt to the evolving needs of the people we serve, stakeholders and the shifting landscape of technology.