Meet some of the Children Victims of Uvira Flooding

In the past 2 newsletters, we have shared about the flooding in Uvira, DR Congo, and how you have generously supported our brothers and sisters. More than 3500 homes were destroyed in the flooding and 100 or more people lost their lives. On June 12th 2020, the Msenwa Foundation, through our partnership with Congo for Christ Centre, distributed food and cleaning items to more than 100 families whose lives have been turned upside down by the flooding (click here to watch the video of the flooding and our food distribution). Many victims are still sleeping on floors in schools and churches across the city and many will never be able to return home. The needs are still overwhelming and we are committed to reaching more families and children with staple foods, mosquito nets, cleaning supplies and other essential cooking items.

As we distributed food to these families and children, we were so saddened to hear stories of children orphaned by the flooding and in desperate need of sponsorship. Please meet four of these children below:

Malenga  Alhponse (7 years old), Alexandre Kavuna (5 years old) and sister Mwamini Alphonsine (2.5 years old) were sleeping when their father woke them up the night of April 16th, 2020. Malega recalled his father carrying him and his brother through the waters to a hill nearby. Malega’s father went back to rescue his wife and unfortunately, both parents never made it to safety. Soon after his father went back, the waters increased and Malenga cried out for help. Malenga, Alexandre and Mwamini were picked up by a Good Samaritan who led them along with his children to a safe place. After several days, Malenga, Alexandre and Mwamini were reunited with their 70-year-old maternal grandmother who had spent days searching for any surviving family members. These siblings have since been living with their grandmother Francine. Although the grandmother is grateful that her grandchildren survived, she is overwhelmed to see her grandchildren go hungry daily, sleep on the floor with no bedding or other basic necessities. Grandma has been selling vegetable for years for survival but everything was swept away and because of COVID-19, borders have been closed and the price of food and other basic necessities have tripled.

Tugakira Erasto is 7 years old, and the only survivor of the flooding in his family. Tugakira and his 4 siblings and parents lived happily in the Mulongwe area of Uvira. Tugakira recalled going to bed with everyone in his family and waking up in an unknown place. The flood waters which washed away his home also swept Tugakira away. The river pushed him to the shore of Lake Tanganyika where he unconsciously floated to the surface before he was rescued by Marie. Like many people in Uvira, Marie (24 years old) went to bathe and fetch water at the lake the day after the flooding. She saw something that looked like a human being and rushed to it. As Marie got closer, she realized it was a child who was still alive. Marie started screaming for help and grabbed Tugakira. A man came quickly and they both performed CPR. Luckily enough, Tugakira started breathing and Marie and the man were able to push the unclean water out of Tugakira. Since then Marie has not had any success in locating any surviving family members. Several days later, the bodies of Tugakira’s parents and some of his siblings were found in the muddy waters not far from their house. Marie and her husband are parents to their 2 children, and have since been caring for Tugakira; however, this has added extra challenges as the couple has been struggling to cover basic needs for their own children. Although Marie and her husband would love to continue caring for Tugakira, he has been sleeping on the floor as the family does not have a bed or room for him and they worry that come school time in September, they will not be able to afford to send him to school.

The families and children in Uvira continue to cry out: “We need our brothers and sisters around the world in this time.” We kindly ask that you consider sponsoring a child or giving to these relief efforts. By doing so, we can prevent more deaths due to hunger and other preventable diseases. We want to continue showing the people of Uvira that they are not alone at this critical time:  God loves them and so do we. Thank you so very much for your compassion and prayers at this time. 

The Msenwa foundation appreciates your generous support. Please consider making a financial gift of any kind (remember all donations both large and small make a big difference.)

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 Click here to watch the short of video on Uvira flooding and our distribution of relief food.
Meet the 7 year old Malega Alphonse
Meet the 5 year-old Alexandre Kavuna
Meet the 2.5 Year-Old Mwamini Alphonsine
Meet the 7 year old Tugakira Erasto